Semalt: How To Block A Site On Chrome In A Single Click

Sometimes, you may need to streamline your internet browsing experience by controlling web browsers. For instance, a parent might want to restrict the kids from accessing some adult content websites. In other cases, you may need to prevent a particular website which keeps popping up for a specific time. This SEO article will teach you how to block sites on your Google Chrome browser. You can get in control of the websites and domains which may be irritating you anytime you are on your browser.

This guideline explained, by Igor Gamanenko, the expert from Semalt, is limited to Chrome browser, but can also work on other browsers with this extension. Additionally, TemporarySite Blocker will be the browser extension in the discussion.

To begin with this service, you need to follow a few easy steps. After following these steps, you should be able to gain control over websites on your browser. This procedure can work on many more browsers using different browser extensions, except for that you may need to employ a different procedure.

1. Login to your Chrome browser, navigate to extensions in the settings menu and add TemporarySite Blocker. As mentioned above, this Addon will be our extension of choice.

2. Upon adding TemporarySite Blocker, there is a special icon which appears on the top right corner of your browser toolbar. This is the panel which you will be using to control the functionality of this extension.

3. When you click this icon, you get in interface working like a button. You can be able to enable or disable TemporarySite Blocker. You can be able to click this button to block a site whenever you are on its link.

4. To add a website, you can go to the website you want to add to the blocklist. Enable or disable the site from this menu. The TSB button remains on the chrome browser for you to use it whenever there is a site you need to add to the Chrome blocklist of websites.

To test this extension, simply block a particular website. Try to access it by clicking its link. If you get a "Blocked" message on your browser, the extension is working. This setting persists until the day you will decide to unblock that particular website.

It is also clever to hide the TSB button from view. This measure can prevent a nosey browser user from enabling the website. Google Chrome also has the restriction by password feature. You can use it to add extra measures to this control option.


Sometimes, it is essential to control and monitor the websites which people may try to use on your computer browser. While some people may use this to limit their kid's internet usage, others may need to restrict their website usage to control their browsing experience. This SEO guideline has information on how to block sites on Chrome using TemporarySite Blocker extension. You can be able to enable and disable a website by blocking it hence limiting your browser usage. This procedure can also apply on other browsers with this or a similar browser extension.

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